Summary Report for Chuck Homic

Current balance: $17.20

This means you owe $17.20 to the credit pool.

Unconfirmed transactions

Confirm?IDDate enteredCostDescriptionWho did it?
20010824182131$10.09Applebee's, 22AUG01Dan Tanguay

(Confirming a transaction means that you've seen it, not necessarily that you agree to it. If you would like to contest a transaction, take it up with the transaction creator, in the "Who did it?" column.)

New transaction

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The week in review

These are the transactions from the past days:

IDDate enteredCostDescriptionWho did it?
20010816112405$7.39Bomber's, 16AUG01Dan Tanguay
20010820174048$12.30Ichiban, 20AUG01Dan Tanguay
20010823072819$15.93Time Warner cable modem serviceChris McEvoy
20010823213434-$33.60ApplebeesChuck Homic
20010824182131$10.09Applebee's, 22AUG01Dan Tanguay


Chris McEvoy-$39.63
Guha Bala-$19.97
Luis Barriga-$13.20
Dan Tanguay-$5.30
Jitendra Kumar-$3.33
Tom Burns-$2.39
Brent Boylen-$1.75
Bret Dunham-$0.52
Mike Scavezze-$0.03
Karthik Bala$2.86
Jesse Booth$4.57
Mike Donnini$5.07
Rob Caminos$14.74
Chuck Homic$17.20
Jesse Raymond$17.55
Dave Calvin$23.43

Total imbalance: $85.77
Average imbalance: $5.36
Total throughput: $3351.93

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