Credit Pool

Okay folks, this is the lame web page for the Credit Pool project.

As stated on the project page, Credit Pool is a web-based online money transaction database. Its purpose is to be used among groups of friends or coworkers to track debts and credits, and optimize these debts among the group.

You should probably just go to the project page now.

Using the thing!

Well, okay there's some good news and bad news. The good news is that there's enough stuff on CVS to set up and begin using your own Credit Pool. The bad news is that there's no documentation yet.

If you want to get started, get the anon CVS, get MySQL fired up, and configure your web server to execute the 'index.cgi'. Customize dbdata with your local database info (be sure to have your server hide this :) ). Use the 'createdb' script to set up the tables. You'll have to add users by hand in SQL, but it's easy enough. At that point, it's totally usable. (We've been administering our own credit pool for half a year by hand in SQL, so it works!)

If you care to help, by helping build the web page, or tweaking the scripts out let me know, and join the mailing list. Primarily my goals are:

What it looks like

Finally, here are two links that are somewhat cool:
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